Johann Rupert Bitcoin Evolution Review – Scam Or Legit ?

Johan Robert is a South African and Swiss businessperson and entrepreneur, born on June 1, 1950 in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Date and place of birth: June 1, 1950 (age 70), Stellenbosch, South Africa

SPECIAL Johann Rupert’s Latest Investment Has The Government And Big Banks Terrified

Australia citizens are already raking in millions of Euro from home using this “wealth loophole” – but is it legitimate?

Johann Rupert comes out with new secret investment that’s making hundreds of people in Australia very rich

Johann Rupert Bitcoin Evolution Review - Scam Or Legit ?Johann Rupert has made a name for himself as a brash straight-talker who doesn’t mind being honest about how he makes his money.

Last week, he appeared on TV Australia and announced a new “wealth loophole” which he says can transform anyone into a millionaire within 3-4 months. Johann Rupert urged everyone in Australia to jump on this amazing opportunity before the big banks shut it down for good.

And sure enough, minutes after the interview was over, Australia Bank called to stop Johann Rupert’s interview from being aired- it was already too late.

Here’s exactly what happened:

co-host TV Australia invited Johann Rupert on the show to share any tips he had on building wealth and the Australia Economist dropped a bomb:

“What’s made me successful is jumping into new opportunies quickly- without any hesitation. And right now, my number one money-maker is a new cryptocurrency auto-trading program called Bitcoin Evolution. It’s the single biggest opportunity I’ve seen in my entire lifetime to build a small fortune fast. I urge everyone to check this out before the banks shut it down.”

TV presenter TV Australia was left in disbelief as Johann Rupert pulled out his phone and showed viewers how much money he’s making through this new money-making program that now has everyone in Australia whispering.

Johann Rupert Bitcoin Evolution Review - Scam Or Legit ?Johann Rupert Bitcoin Evolution Review - Scam Or Legit ?

The segment ran out of time before Johann Rupert could elaborate, so we got an exclusive interview with the man himself to learn more about this controversial opportunity.

FOCUS Australia EXCLUSIVE WITH Johann Rupert

“You may have heard about this new cryptocurrency investment platform called Bitcoin Evolution that’s helping regular people in ( Australia ) build fortunes overnight. You may be skeptical because it sounds too good to be true.”

Johann Rupert continues:

“I get that because I thought the same thing when a trusted friend told me about it. But after seeing with my own eyes how much money he was making, I had to try it for myself.

I’m glad I tried it because it was some of the biggest and easiest money I’ve ever made. I’m talking tens of thousands of euro a day on autopilot. it’s literally the fastest way to make a windfall of cash right now. And it’s not going to last for much longer when more and more people find out about it. Or when banks shut it down for good.”


Johann Rupert Bitcoin Evolution Review - Scam Or Legit ?


The idea behind Bitcoin Evolution is straightforward: To allow the average person to cash in on the cryptocurrency boom which is still the most lucrative investment of the 21st century, despite what most people think.

Although Bitcoin price has dropped from it’s all time high of RM20,000 per Bitcoin, traders are still making a killing. Why? Because there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin that being traded for huge profits on a daily basis.

Some of these cryptocurrencies include Ripple, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash and Ripple and they are still making returns of over 10,000% and higher for ordinary people in Australia

Bitcoin Evolution lets you profit from all of these cryptocurrencies, even in a bear market. It uses artifical intelligence (AI) to automatically handle long and short selling for you so you can make money around the clock, even while you sleep.

Bitcoin Evolution is backed by some of the smartest tech minds to ever exist. Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Bill Gates just to name a few.

Johann Rupert Bitcoin Evolution Review - Scam Or Legit ?

Bill Gates and Richard Branson discuss Bitcoin Evolution at CES 2021.

These tech geniuses have built multi-billion companies on solving complex issues like online payments, computing, and transportation. Now, they’re tackling on the global problem of wealth inequality by letting anyone – no matter how rich or poor they are – make enough money to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.


Johann Rupert goes on,

“We’re seeing hard economic times, and this is the solution people have been waiting for. Never in history have we had such an amazing opportunity that ordinary people can easily take advantage of to generate tremendous wealth in such a short time.

Some people are hesitant to try this because it’s so different. And that’s because the big banks are trying to cover this up! The big banks are actively creating propaganda and calling cryptocurrencies and platform like Bitcoin Evolution a scam. Why? They are worried their corporate profits will shrink once their customers know how to create massive wealth themselves.

The truth is, cryptocurrency is the revolution of our lifetime and anyone who does not jump on this opportunity is missing out. I’ve already received angry calls and threats from big financial corporations because I’m bring this technology to people’s attention. But screw them. People in TV Australia are already starting to know the truth and it’s only a matter of time before more and more do.

I’m sharing this because I’ve also received hundreds of emails from people thanking me for sharing this secret. My favorite one is from a young man who bought his little brother his dream car – a Ferrari 488 Pista using the cash he made from Bitcoin Evolution . This platform is truly making the lives of everyone in the world a little better.”

Johann Rupert Bitcoin Evolution Review - Scam Or Legit ?

Steven Baker used the profits he earned from Bitcoin Future to buy his little brother his dream car. What an inspiring way to use wealth for good!


The first thing you see is a video showing off the power of Bitcoin Evolution . The advertising is big and bold and in your face, but it is an American product and that’s how they do things. Anyway, you simply submit your name and email address next to the video to get started right awa

Johann Rupert Bitcoin Evolution Review - Scam Or Legit ?

(Tip: Even if you don’t decide to invest any money, I recommend signing up now because it’s free and registrations for Australia residents could end at any moment)

Next up, you’re asked to fund your account. As I was navigating the deposit page, my mobile rang. It was an international number so I was hesitant to answer but then I realised it was obviously from.

Sure enough, it was my own personal account manager. His service was great. He took me through the entire funding process. They accept all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express. I went ahead and deposited the minimum amount which is 250 USD

Once funded, I navigated to the “Auto-Trader” section of software, set the trade amount to the recommended 250 USD and enabled it. The software started making trades at a rapid rate and I was concerned at first but let it do its thing.

“Everyone wants to be rich but no one knows how to do it. Well, it is the opportunity of a lifetime to build a fortune that will allow you to live the life you truly desire. It will NOT be around forever, so do not miss out.” – Johann Rupert


We just received news that almost all jobs for Australia are already filled. Bitcoin Evolution can only accept a limited number of users in order to maintain high levels of profit per user. At present, there are still 19 available places, so hurry up and sign up to secure your spot.

Johann Rupert Bitcoin Evolution Review - Scam Or Legit ?

For more information about Bitcoin Evolution click here

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